MARIAN CAMP 2013: A Paradigm of Faith

By Chie Credo - Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[Narrative-Descriptive Essay ~~ a requirement for Basic Communication Skills 11]

“Christ. The way, the truth, and the life.” (John 14:6)

               3 years ago, in my high school days, I joined the religious organization in our school, the Children of Carmel (COC). I was in second year to be exact. After a series of trials, I became a member until the senior year. The org was handled by our campus ministry. I have no doubt in joining, for I have realized the value of religious life.

               One event of the group that I would never forget was the Marian Camp 2013 in Fatima Village, Piapi, Dumaguete City last July 2013. It was an overnight activity to commemorate Mary’s preservation from original sin, endowment of sanctifying grace and doing God’s will joyfully. Together with the COCs from the sister schools of my Alma Mater, Décor Carmeli Academy, we held a vigil. No sleep, at all. Our campus ministries in cooperation with the Carmelite Sisters organized the said event.

(pose with COCs - Clarisse, Charisse and Dennis)

(at the venue - Fatima Chapel)

               Various activities were scheduled to add meaning to the activity. The COCs and the Carmel youths were introduced to religious life through participating in all the spiritual aspects of the camp. It features the enactment of the Living Holy Rosary, Group Bible sharing, floral offering to the grotto of Mother Mary, a procession called Pilgrim Walk, Taizѐ and more. During the enactment, the role-players acted within their hearts. The priests and sisters gave talks to everyone in the hall. In the Group Bible sharing, we group ourselves mixed with the other schools. So, we had he chance to meet new faces and get to know each other. Lots of great long stories came out and we ended up laughing and giving some advice. There’s the feeling of being connected and finding out what’s going on in each others life. Then, flowers of different colors were offered to the grotto of Mother Mary. Right after the offering, we formed two lines for the Pilgrim Walk and moved to the Taizѐ area. 
(enactment of the Holy Rosary)



                Midnight was solemnly broken with different presentations from the different schools: Décor Carmeli Academy, Immaculate Heart Academy and Carmel High School to name a few. It was indeed a joyful celebration for the youth. The performers dancing in tune of worship songs and modern music. Some participants played music and sang songs to their fellow COCs. There were also band performances. The presentations were prepared to awaken not only the physical and mental aspect but also the spiritual of the youths. At dawn, the COCs were gathered in a group for the flying of sky lanterns symbolizing the prayer and intentions of the COCs in the nearby beach. At 6am, the final session was the praise and worship concert together with the acceptance of the new COC members for the current school year. 

                    Finally, we packed our things and bounded our way back home. 

                   The camp did not just gave us so much fun but it also aims to help evangelize as many as possible, at the same tie, help give a sense of direction to those who feel lost. However, it endeavors to help answer doubts and questions about one’s faith.

(pose with (ME), COCs- Reychemver, Kevin, Walfie, Vanessa Mae, Mariejune <nakatagili> and Mary Vanessa <at the back>)

(group photo with Decor Carmeli Academy COCs)

(Girls' on CAM :D)

(Boys ?!) :P

(with COCs from other school)

(group photo with Sister Michelle)

(girls with this random guy from other school)

“Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1)

(credits to FELMARK POTANE and CLARISSE MAE PAJARILLO for the pictures)


- ChieChayy -  

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