Gugma: A Concert of the Valentine Songwriting Competition Songs

By Chie Credo - Friday, September 06, 2019

Last  February 9, 2019, I attended the “Gugma: A Concert of the Valentine Songwriting Competition Songs” at the Luce Auditorium wherein the winning singers and composers of Silliman University’s annual Valentine Songwriting Competition (VSC) from 1991 up to 2018 showcased their music once again.

The song that I love the most is Make Believe by Kevin Diana. It somehow gave me the fairytale vibe, like I’m lying on a bed of clouds waiting for my prince to arrive to sweep me off my feet or serenade me while I am walking down the aisle to his palace and lived happily ever after. Since the song title wants me to believe, although it is a wishful thinking to believe in fairytales but who knows, maybe fairytales really exist out of this world of reality. Yes, funny but miracles happen. Let’s just hope for the best.

The Way You Cross My Mind by Andre Alvarez. What I have noticed with the first part is that it seemed like a classical or something like an old school jazz, I remember Michael Buble with the song. The opening cheerful notes of the saxophone gave a sweet and catchy melody to the lyrics along with the jolly Andrew who sang the song with high spirits. I think, the arrangement of the tune is mostly repeated throughout the song though it somehow compels us to listen more. I love the part with the lyrics that goes, “when my lolo holds my lola’s hands, I like the way you cross my mind.” It’s so smooth and very soothing to my ears. The song fits for someone who’s pursuing the love of his or her life, or to a couple who’s at the early stage of their relationship. This song makes me want to fall in love again, although that is an impossible mission because of my hectic schedule.

Samaran by Marvie Joy Cabioc . this song is one my favorites. “Samaran” is a Bisaya song which means “Wounded”. I was in awe all throughout the song. I even forgot that it was a Bisaya song because as I was listening I don’t know but it gave me chills, as if I was a star from a movie and that was the soundtrack. I really don’t know, I loved it. I was hook up with the song, it’s melody and especially with how the interpreter delivered it. It seems like I was hurt big time because the lyrics of that song made me feel like it. And the tune goes along with how the lyrics should be felt.

What’s good about music is that it speaks volume. It feels like it was a suppressed emotions waiting to be unleashed. It brings you to another dimension wherein you are free to express what you feel. It opens a pandora box with a pieces of every experience that might give you a lesson or might change you for good. And from that experience, it pulls you to an epiphany that a certain song speaks everything that you’ve had experienced.

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