Song of Solomon (Musical Review)

By Chie Credo - Friday, September 06, 2019

The Song of Solomon, a musical inspired by the romantic Old Testament Book with the same name.

The epic love story set to music revolves around Solomon, son of King David.  In ancient Israel, the latter’s wars are coming to an end, and the road is treacherous and uncertain for Israel’s future. To avoid more wars, David’s son and heir, Solomon, is forced to make alliances with neighboring kingdoms by marrying foreign princesses. However, a vineyard girl captures the King’s heart, threatening to distract his attention from his more pressing duties as King of Israel. The musical “Song of Solomon” speaks of his struggle between love and duty. King Solomon is revered for his wisdom, but in this powerful and moving musical, we are made to realize that wisdom without the law serves no purpose, and the purpose of the law is justice, and nothing else. 

             A Broadway-based team of creative artists cast Manila-based talents. For the pre-Broadway show King Solomon is portrayed by David Ezra; the vineyard girl Ahlma is Yannah Laurel, and Lea, Ahlma’s sister, is played by Menchu Lauchengo. Benjamin, the adviser of Solomon, is Jet Go, and Ruben, the local businessman in love with Ahlma, is Jieb Rodriguez.

The music and lyrics by Andrew Beall and Neil Van Leeuwen, true to the theme, pulsates and soars with life, betrayal, angst, sorrow, hope and tenderness. 

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