Valentine Songwriting Competition 2019

By Chie Credo - Friday, September 06, 2019

Last February 14, 2019, me and my friends celebrated Valentine’s day at the Luce Auditorium witnessing the VSC 2019. Ten songs were showcased but I fell in love with the three of them. Let us now dig deeper to each of the songs I’ve chosen.

Backwards by Samuel Akinbode. The VSC 2019 winning song is about recalling memories or something from the past. I love how the piano is played throughout the song. There is only a piano playing and drums during the verses. It has different rhyme schemes. This is because the artist’s lyrics have a deep meaning and need to stand out.  I felt the emotion the artist wanted the audience to feel. I felt the pain. This shows a relationship between musical elements and artistic intent.

Led Us Here by Francis Enrico Cuenca and Gianna Aguilar. The song is about two people being in love with each other, it represents a breathtaking atmosphere and how love feels like between them. The song says that when you find true love, and it is meant to be, it will lead you to each other’s hearts. The tone is romantic and mostly soft. It is as if they are the only people existing in this world. Every beat of the drums fits the alternating voice of the artists. The music speeds up and slows down while it gets louder and softer. It could pass as a theme song for a romantic musical play.

Sa Ilalim ng Buwan by Bridgiette Apple Shane Villasis. It’s the only Tagalog song in the entries. The song is very emotional. It fits the voice of the singer. The artist's voice is the most important aspect / element of the song. The song has homophonic texture, I guess. The melody in this song has the main message of the song. The song has a conjunct melody. It has not quite a small range as the singer did switch between very high and very low notes once or twice if I’m not mistaken. The chimes added to the harmony of song.

Music is powerful that it is useful in mood management. I’d love to listen to all the songs from VSC repeatedly.

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