A Peek Inside Sol del Luna

By Chie Credo - Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I always love to hang out in one place with friends and have a sip of coffee or two, study for the upcoming exams, do org duties, or simply have a 'me' time. Well, cafes are the best places to go to. 

So, have you been to this absolutely gorgeous Instagram-worthy cafe in Dumaguete City? If not, well, you should add this to your bucket list. Let me give you a peek of what's inside this newest cafe, if not, in the city.

Sol del Luna. Ring a bell? Right, it sounds like my favorite Korean drama 'Hotel del Luna'. (If you have not watched the series, I highly recommend it!) And yeah, that's the cafe's name, Sol del Luna Cafe.Food Essentials. How did the owner get "Sol del Luna" as its name, that we don't know.

My friend, Anj, took me here and when we walked in, it was like venturing into the Boss Lady Jang Man Wol's world in HDL. You will be welcomed with a rose gold couch near the glass wall, a cabin-like seater, a trendy seating in an elevated platform, a laptop station, and a meeting room. Take note, you can chill out at a photo-worthy spot of your choice. I just loved the interiors and the bespoke designs, giving us a Korean-themed slash modern Victorian vibe. I actually have like ten more photos from the different angles!

Sol del Luna has a wide variety of delicious food and drinks to choose from—bread and pastry, smoothies, rice meals, milk teas, canapés, and coffee and non-coffee based drinks at a reasonable price. They even have halo-halo and silog meals! 

The food and drinks are pretty yummy but come on, that is not what we are here for right? 

I’d say it’s a pleasant work environment or study too since most people prolly come for the photo, buy their drink, and move on. Besides, their ambient music is even a K-drama OST that will make you want to stay and binge. I even told Anj that I could live in there forever. (K-drama fanatics, annyeong! 🙋)

Themed-cafe’s are generally the hit with millennials, however more often than not we’re all blame-worthy of capturing that ideal photo and never visiting again after. But Sol del Luna proves otherwise, everything in there makes you want to come back over again. Yep! My friends and I were planning to go back there soon since we are doing our internship at the university nearby. 

If you're looking for this kind of cafe or study place, Sol del Luna is available to serve you from Mondays to Saturdays at 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM. They are located at Room 207, 2nd Floor of the Silliman Portal West. Don't forget to log in and disinfect upon entering, and of course, observe social distancing. #StaySafe and #StayAwayFromCOVID.

Let me strike a pose first before we go! 

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