Things I Learned from My Demo Teaching Experiences

By Chie Credo - Thursday, October 29, 2020

Teaching is not as easy as we always see with our teachers, professors, and others. It deals with incredible courage especially in facing diverse students.

When I came to know that the final exam for one of my major subjects (around 1-2 years ago) is demo teaching, it makes me afraid because it is my setback to speak in front of an audience and it's going to be my first demo teaching!

What made me feel that way is that I’m not that good at speaking especially using the English language (Why did I even take Education?!). I have gotten myself so anxious about screwing something up. I anticipated to reliably plan the idealized lesson, deliver everything flawlessly, and have everything go smoothly and as planned.

All through my presentation for that subject, I was continually thinking, "I need to say this, I can’t forget to say that". However, my mind was too bustling that I forgot things, I forgot the script on my mind. I was just too occupied. Good thing, the demo turned out well and my prof even praised me! I realized that the nervousness you feel at the beginning will not last long. I now believe when people say, "Sa sugod ra ng kulba." It's true tho! 

photos taken from one of my demos and right! it's math hehe

All of my major subjects require demo teaching and I'm grateful for that because I feel a bit relieved from my fright. I learned numerous things from all the demonstrations I did and the mentors I encountered which can shape the way I teach for years to come.

So, here are three things (of the many) that I'd like to share with you:

1. Confidence. A confident teacher would positively affect their pupil’s achievement, personality, and even socio-emotional growth. It will likewise improve a teacher's value as it normally boosts their overall effectiveness.

2. Good classroom management. This will make the pupils listen, interact during discussions, and respect the teacher more, so there were fewer distractions and negative behaviors.  

3. Creativity. Being creative specifically with the learning materials makes learners engage more as they get easily attracted to enticing and engaging activities. Especially that I'll be teaching elementary pupils, they love rainbows and unicorns! (if you know what I mean)

My demo teaching experiences have taught me how to learn from my mistakes and not letting them consume me. There is always room for improvement. After all,"who dares to teach, must never cease to learn."

it's a virtual pinning ceremony btw livestreamed via facebook, and hey! that's my momma

And lastly, I'm now in my Senior year and just got pinned!!! I'm so grateful to everyone all through my ups and downs in this course. To my friends, course mates, professors, and of course my parents who never failed to encourage and support me to continue this journey despite the challenges. I'm a step closer to one of the noblest professions in the world: teaching.

Watch our tribute video below or the virtual pinning ceremony here

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