30 Reasons to Read "30 Days with Paulo"

By Chie Credo - Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Have you ever had that one point in your life where you quit pursuing your dreams because no one believed in you? No one upheld you? Not even your loved ones?

Well, this book might be for you!

30 Days with Paulo Book Summary:

After meeting by chance, movie star, Paulo Avenida, tries to win the heart of cynical romantic, Bea Fernandez, for 30 days. Is something waiting for them at the end of the 30-day deadline? Or is it all going to end in heartbreak?

At my first glance to the title, I thought of the cliche romance novel from Wattpad about a couple falling in love within 30 days, and then hurting each other, and whatnot. Yet, no, this one's different. It doesn't just give me that kilig factor I was searching for in a book but also feeds my soul with life lessons. It's commendable!

Let me share with you 30 reasons why you should read this book:

1. You simply love reading!

2. You're a writer or you love writing.

3. You feel stuck in a toxic relationship.

4. You have been chasing your dreams however someone's pulling you down.

5. You want to try something new in your life but you are afraid people may judge you.

6. You're a musician or an aspiring one and you need the motivation to keep going.

7. You are at the verge of making choices.

8. You want to try out online dating.

9. You are about to make a shift from your career or relationship.

10. You are fangirling over that famous movie star or celebrity.

12. You've been writing poems and stories since you were a kid.

13. You are disturbed with where your life right now is going.

14. You are passionate about something and you want to venture out.

15. You have not realized yet that the choices we make affect our lives in the future.

16. You just love happy or sad endings.

17. You are someone's support system.

18. You are a dreamer.

19. You are that career-oriented person thriving to get by every day.

20. You were stressed out and wants to feel loose and inspired.

21. You were from a recent breakup and need to focus on self-love.

22. You want to experience passionate feelings for once more.

23. You were forced to take that course in college you don't like.

24. You think you're too old to pursue your dreams.

25. You feel like the past is haunting you.

26. You were ghosted.

27. You feel like your life was constrained by someone else.

28. Y ou are amidst nothingness.

29. Support local authors and locally-made great stories.

30. The book has its soundtrack which is an original song.

Not so often that we see a book with its soundtrack and even an original song. Hey Bea, performed by Team 30 Days is a good match for this book. You can stream it on Spotify, iTunes, and Youtube.

So to everyone who took the leap in life, this is for you!

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