An Afternoon at ShimmerSpill Cafe

By Chie Credo - Thursday, January 14, 2021


Late afternoon is one of my best coffee times, that's why right after a rough day, my squad and I went out searching for the best coffee spot in the city.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I bumped into the Facebook page of an unfamiliar coffee shop in town. ShimmerSpill Cafe, located right in front of West City Elementary, is the newest café in town.

Without wasting any second, we dived right in. In that coffee shop floated the smell of the Christmas season which is just around the corner.

Aside from the uncles having their afternoon teas, we were the only customers at that time. It made the ambiance calm and intimate. Upon entering, we were welcomed by lounges and a minimalist set of tables and chairs, high-stool chairs, pixie lights, and decor in time for Christmas. You won't likewise miss the coffee-related statements posted on the walls which made the entire café cozy.

My favorite spot was the high stool close to the window facing one of the bustling streets in the metro. Going forth inside the café, you'll reach the counter, and right at it was the glass cabinet loaded up with varied delectable sweets and sodas.

I got their caramel macchiato which is the best I've tasted so far (no doubt about it!). It had the right amount of everything.

What I like most about cafés other than what they serve are the interiors. I love it when I'm drinking my coffee in a comfortable environment, giving me that chill ambiance. I mean, why would I go to cafés if I can make it at home? Lol. And with ShimmerSpill's modern rustic ints, I was not disappointed!

We haven't had a lot of time to stay for long, so I was not able to explore more and check out the menu but I'll surely return.

Add this one in your bucket list now! They are located at Cervantes St. corner San Juan St., Dumaguete City right in front of West City Elementary School. Have a brew-tiful day, lovies! 

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