Chill Pills at Bakilid Restaurant

By Chie Credo - Monday, January 25, 2021

Places often feel excessively amazing; but, they have to have you spend a fortune for a relatively crappy meal, and you are unsure whether you want to return despite the great experience. 

This month, Bakilid Restaurant in San Jose, Negros Oriental has just opened and they proved me otherwise—courteous and polite staff, a cozy environment, great food, and very affordable!

In English, the word Bakilid means "slope,” as the restaurant is situated on a slope beside the main road. I instantly fell in love with its soothing vibe when I saw the spot: a bamboo hut with an incredible view of the sea. It has two decks, one with wooden tables and chairs, the other with a Korean-inspired coffee table with mats and pillows where you can sit. The place was completely wooden and native. It has a homey and comfortable feeling that raises your appetite instantly.

This Harry Potter portrait close to the sink was something else that captured my eye. It's just so adorable.

I was with my friends during the visit and the place was really great for barkadas. We were approached immediately by a friendly staff to get our orders. We had Buffalo Wings, Carbonara, Aglio Olio, and of course, Pad Thai, their best-seller. The food was nicely presented and had the right amount of taste. In Thailand, Pad Thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish and common street food. It was the real star (and you guys have to try it!). The waiting time was well worth it for the food to be served.

And who else would have skipped their brewed coffee? Huh! Delish!

Okay, I strongly recommend you to go here. The food is satisfactory and reasonable, but the place and the views are the reasons why you must come here. Purely, they are magnificent. You're coming here for the experience. All in all, I sure I'm going back to Bakilid, hopefully soon, and partly because of their great food and place to relax.

How To Get There?

Please see this map if you want to know the exact location of Bakilid Restaurant. If you are from Dumaguete City, depending on the traffic, it's a 25-minute ride only. You're not going to have trouble finding this restaurant because it's just off the lane, and at the entrance, it has signage.

Bakilid Restaurant is only open from Thursdays to Saturdays, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Save your spot by booking your reservations at 09657901119 or message their Facebook page (Bakilid Restaurant) ahead of time.
Reservation Details for Bakilid Restaurant.
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